Welcome to The African Cultural Exchange

Our Story

Who We Are

The African Cultural Exchange, Inc., is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to provide cross-cultural links to and from African through support of humanitarian programs in culture, development, education and health care. The African Cultural Exchange is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The main thrust of the activities centers around providing pathways for short- and long-term programs along the four main areas of activity. These also involve sharing interpersonal exchanges with the rural and urban communities and through ACE Projects and through our partner organizations.

Our Vision

The vision of The African Cultural Exchange is to share the culture of Africa with the world by providing humanitarian links to Africa through support of cross-cultural, developmental, educational, and health care projects with the view towards enriching the lives of all participants through improving cross-cultural understanding and partnerships for progress.

Our Goal

The next phase of The African Cultural Exchange activities, 2018 and beyond, in addition to the cultural exchanges, will involve the long term placement of technical volunteers, provision of emergency medical assistance, and furthering our engagement with the communities in sustainable cultural and technology projects.  In the spirit of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, The ACE envisions forming collaborative partnerships for development as a key strategy for its humanitarian programs.  These partnerships are expected to have a multifaceted and sustainable impact.

Our Strategy

While having a visible presence in Africa through its Regional Offices, The African Cultural Exchange will emphasize support to viable community projects and activities ranging from food production, technology and culture, education and literacy, primary health care, rural income generation, etc. Our activities will emphasize close collaboration with local NGO’s working in the rural areas that provide similar assistance, with a view to expand development efforts by support of grassroots efforts. Our strategy also involves working with communities and development partners utilizing existing traditional methods of identifying needs to develop village based plans. Emphasis is on current scientific methods of participatory rural appraisal (PRA) to develop community action plans. These enable communities to have a greater feeling of ownership of projects. Thereby, community members are better encouraged to fully participate in projects to ensure their continuity. The New York Office, run by The Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with secretarial and logistic support staff coordinates the Regional teams. This office is mainly involved in fund-raising as well as implementing monitoring, evaluation and financial reporting standards to meet donor and funding requirements.




Dr. Reginald Hughes – President and Chairman of the Board






Mr. Alieu Nyassi – Vice President





Ms. Portia Ama Scott – Secretary




Mr. Alhaji Jawneh – Treasurer


Ms. Itza Aguilar


Mr. Beaudel Ndoume



Mrs. Florence Kabwasa-Green






Mr. Tamba Johnny ACE AFRICA COUNTRY DIRECTOR/Sierra Leone Country Director



Mr. Babacar Sow-Senegal Country Director




Mr. Ebriam Nyassi-West Africa Country Director




Mr. Pa Sainey Nyassi-West Africa Group Logistics Director




Mr. Ishmail Jallow-The Gambia Country Director



Mr. Faustin Rubayiza-East Africa Regional Director/Rwanda Country Director



Mr. Oumar Dioubate


Mr. Yaala Sidibe


Mr. Kabine Conde


Mr. James Tarpeh